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Question about the WLC2504


Thanks for response my anterior question, well I have the next question.

With the WLC 2504 with iOS 7.4 support 70 APs, and I wish to know if for support the 70 APs I need use the 4 ports, because I see problems with my APs,(41 APs), because exist disconnection constantly, I only use the port 1 and its recommendable use the LAG for use the 4 ports??

Thanks for the responses

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Re: Question about the WLC2504

Well you can use LAG if you see that on the switch that the one gigabit port is over utilized. Now remember that the throughout (backplane) of the 2504 is only 2 gigabit so you can connect two, three or all four as it doesn't matter. It depends on how much traffic you are pushing.

Just look at the switch port and see what the utilization is. When it averages pretty high, then add another port or else if you have enough gigabit ports, connect all four.

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Question about the WLC2504

I see problems with my APs,(41 APs), because exist disconnection constantly

This has got nothing to do with having one or more uplink ports to your WLC.

Give us more details about the disconection of your APs.

Question about the WLC2504

Yes, the 2504 supports LAG in v7.4. Your first guide refers to v7.0.116.0 and the second guide written in 5/2013 implies v7.4. Enabling LAG requires a reboot of the WLC and has limitations similar to the 5500.

When LAG is enabled on a WLC, the WLC forwards data frames on the same port on which they were received. The WLC relies on the neighbor switch to load-balance traffic across the EtherChannel. The WLC does not perform any EtherChannel load-balancing on its own.

•LAG requires the EtherChannel to be configured for 'mode on' on both the controller and the Catalyst switch.

•The load-balancing method configured on the Catalyst switch must be a load-balancing method that terminates all IP datagram fragments on a single controller port. Not following this recommendation may result in problems with access point association.

•The recommended load-balancing method for Catalyst switches is src-dst-ip (enter the port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip command).

•With LAG, all of the controller ports need to connect to the same neighbor switch. If the neighbor switch goes down, the controller loses connectivity. With multiple AP-manager interfaces, you can connect your ports to different neighbor devices. If one of the neighbor switches goes down, the controller still has connectivity. However, using multiple AP-manager interfaces presents certain challenges when port redundancy is a concern.

•Port mirroring is not supported when link aggregation (LAG) is enabled on the controller.

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