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Questions about option 43 and also setting the primary controller

I am trying to keep 2 WLC from getting the other building's WLC. They have 2 different names.

Question 1. Since AP' do the ET call home thing by looking for the lwapp etc. in dns and the AP is turned off after it calls home and is part of the specific WLC will it lose that setting to the specific controller when if turns back on or will it try to do the option 43 deal.

Question 2.

I set the primary controller on the AP and applied, then did a hardware reset, the on reboot it still was associated with the wrong controller. I then disabled my dns entry for the wrong controller and told it to do a factory reset and all is well. Is that the correct process?

Question 3. Will now my non dns entered WLC AP's now try to hook up with the WLC that IS in dns if they reboot for some reason? yes I know it is similiar to question 1.

I will put the primary contoller in each AP if that will help keep this all straight.



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Re: Questions about option 43 and also setting the primary contr

Well if you are using dhcp option 43, you should only have the wlc management ip address that those ap's should get. DNS shoudld not be used in your case unless either in dhcp or statically you are pointing to only a perticualr site wlc's. The issue if you use this and you have multiple wlc's in a cluster (ap's belonging to only certain wlc's and not all) is that you are giving the ap's ability to join any of the wlc's via dns. If the wlc's are all centralized, then putting the wlc's that belong together on a different subnet that other wlc's beloning to another cluster. This way you are sure that those ap's will never find the wrong wlc.

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