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New Member

"WiFi Bridge client" connected to a LAP/WLC

Good morning,

we have a number of LAPs, 1242AG, using just the 802.11a interface. These APs join to a WLC 4402 with software

The LAPs were migrated from Autonomous to Lightweight.

The WiFi clients are some industrial devices, called Hirschmann (now Belden), this device has a LAN port where we connect a small switch/Hub and behind the small switch we connect 2 or 3 industrial end devices (controllers, small PLCs...etc). The Hirschmann WiFi client makes all necessary MAC address managing... It means that I see the Hirschmann MAC Address as the MAC address WiFi client in the WLC. The IP address associated to that MAC belongs to the end industrial device.

When the WiFi network was based in Autonomous APs, I could see in our Core switches the same MAC address for a list of IP addresses (2 or 3), included the IP address of the Hirschmann WiFi device and the End Devices behind that WiFi client. Therefore I could ping all the devices. Please notice that All of them are in the same VLAN, the APs are in a separate VLAN. Those MACs where seen in the FastEth port where the autonomous APs was connected to the LAN (in the AP where the Hirschmann was associated to)... I saw the Hirschmann's MAC and also the end devices behind the Hirschmann wifi client)

However, now that I have migrated to LAP/WLC, I see the MAC address of the Hirchmann and one or two or three IP addresses belonging to the end devices... The MAC address and all the associated IP addresses are in the Po interface created for the WLCs, but I cannot see the Hirschmann's IP Address, therefore I cannot ping it, neither I can access to its web for managing it.

How can I make to see the Hirschmann IP address again?? is it something related to the WLC's IDS ??

many thanks for your support



New Member

Re: "WiFi Bridge client" connected to a LAP/WLC


just to clarify my previous question.

The Hirschmann device has a single IP address, even though it has 2 interfaces (radio and LAN)... the End Device is ONLY ONE allways, it is connected by UTP directly to the LAN interface of the WiFi client. This end devices has a single IP address in the same VLAN than the Wifi Client (the Hirschmann).

I attach an schema of the solution.

Therefore, when the solution was using Autonomous APs, I could see both IP address using the "same MAC" in the Fast ethernet port in the switch where the AP was connected.

Now I only see the Hirschmann MAC address (but the End Device IP address) in the Po port where the WLC is connected...

Thanks and best regards.

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