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radio bandwidth

In a mesh network, i understand each radio interface works on a specific speed. some refer to as back haul.

How do we  find what is the speed the back haul radio is using in an access point used in such a network.

any commands for this? thanks in advance.

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radio bandwidth

(WLC) >show mesh path

you can see link SnR along the Mesh path, arbitary datarate used for Link SnR can be viewed from below table.

#Table 9-1     Backhaul Data Rates and Minimum LinkSNR Requirements

#Viewing Neighbor Statistics for an Access Point

This section describes how to use the controller GUI or CLI to view  neighbor statistics for a selected access point. It also describes how  to run a link test between the selected access point and its parent.

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radio bandwidth

thank you. we tried , but the above command does not give the answer that we are looking for.

what we want is to know how much bandwidth are we using or getting at the backhaul of between mesh access points.

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radio bandwidth

use iperf/jperf between the point of interest.

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radio bandwidth

You can use following command to see the current rate.  Different IOS version has different out, and this is based on 12.4.

show dot11 statistics client-traffic

The number under 'Rate' is the current speed the AP is connected.  Please note that the number is hex and indicates bi-directional rate, so you have to convert it to decimal and cut by half, and you get the current connection speed.  Here is a typical output.

Dot11Radio1: -- Client Statistics

---Clients     AID VLAN      Status     Age   Tx   Mode Enc Key       Rate

0027.0c4c.2940   1    0 0000 1800000FF 30/30  0-0  0191 020 0-10 00FF0000 06C

                Rx Pkts KBytes Dup Dec Mic Mis  Tx Pkts KBytes  Retry  RSSI SNR

0027.0c4c.2940 895076082 3471601   0   0   0   0  5196782 1140463  15131  66  31


0027.0c4c.2940 [1]0x3559C707 [3]0x2

Please also note that the columns are not properly aligned.  The current rate in hex is 06C and it translates to 108 in decimal.  Cut it by half and you get 54mbps.

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radio bandwidth


this command doesn't show any results. can we have another command which might yied anything.

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Re: radio bandwidth

There is not a command to tell you the bandwidth between two mesh APs. You can look at the rssi value and see how the link looks, but if your trying to determine the bandwidth, then like the other mentioned, use iperf.

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Re: radio bandwidth

The link between APs in wireless mesh design is a bridge.  That means, there is a root bridge and you should issue the command from the root access point.  The command is self-explanatory with 'client' in it.  You can use iperf but it only shows the useable bandwidth from your workstation to the AP, not between APs.

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