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Radios policy on WLAN ignored on WLC

The scenario:

WISM2 running

Healthcare = can't just take it offline or upgrade on a whim.

Guest Wi-Fi profile set to 802.11g-only

SSH into controller.  Here's from the CLI:  wlan radio 3 802.11g-only

So... it is set to 802.11g only, right?

Nope.  Not only can I see guest clients on 802.11a on the controller, but I can go there with AirMagnet WiFi Analzer and see the guest WLAN being broadcast on 802.11a.  I can set up my laptop to only use 5GHz radio chain and sure enough, I can get on the guest wireless network.

The impact from this is that we run our voice on 5GHz, along with other production wireless.  Our guest network is half of our clients, and we cannot have them on our 5GHz spectrum.

I thought we were running into CSCty61970, but we're running

Does anyone have any good news for me, besides "upgrade to



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Stupid question:  When you

Could be a bug.  


Problem is that with 7.0.X you can't force to enable Radio Policy Group because it aint supported.  This would've been your work-around.

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Yeah.  Agreed.  I only wish

Yeah.  Agreed.  I only wish someone at Cisco would acknowledge their is a problem with this code and provide a fix for it.  You can't just take down a 24x7 environment.

Both the GUI and CLI show the radio policy set to 802.11g, however I know it is NOT.  I have solid proof with packet captures and can even set a laptop to a-only and it will jump right on.  Yes, that's a problem.

I saw a bug 16970, but it doesn't show the same versions.  Almost 500 access points on a controller in a 24x7 environment, and now the guest clients are hitting the 5 GHz.

There needs to be a fix.

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Well, I have never heard of

Well, I have never heard of that issue before.  I can tell you that TAC would tell you to upgrade to the latest v7.0.x for the fix.  What you can always do is move your AP's to one of the controllers and upload all controllers and use the pre-download, if your AP's are supported and then reboot =the controller that has no AP's.  Then you can move AP's to that controller to limit the downtime.  If your AP's don't support the pre-download, then you are stuck.

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Please update to the latest

Please update to the latest version and check.As it might be a bug on the previous versions.

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I would verify that it is set

I would verify that it is set to G only on all of your controllers and also ensure that Client Band Select is not enabled on the WLAN.

I hope this helps.


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I had a similar problem a

I had a similar problem a while back with 7.2 code.  As I recall, I had my APs in groups and, at some point, I upgraded software on the controller.  After the upgrade, the radio policies were ignored.  I had to remove the APs from their groups and put them back in again and the policy worked again.  The only problem with that process is that it is just as disruptive as upgrading.


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Seems like you are getting

Seems like you are getting effected with bug like

CSCud37443    Clients connect in "b/g" even when ssid radio policy set explicitly "a"

upgrade is the only solution.

You may also try below as workaround :-

++Reconfiguring the SSID

++ Also removing the WLAN from the AP groups and re-inserting


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