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RAP and MAP Config issue

Hi Team,

I have a issue related to Mesh Wireless setup.

Scenario – I have 2 1552 Access points. I have connected one of the AP with WLC via R&S and changed the mode to bride and then Role to RootAP. This is working fine and broadcasting the ssid as well.

My concern is – How would I make the other 1552 AP as a MAP. I have used the power injector and powered it on. Took the console as well but it doesn’t do anything and keeps on rebooting since its looking for a IP address.

I want to understand the complete way it actually works – I mean what setting I should do to make it connected with the RAP.

Do we need to connect the MAP just like I did for RAP to the WLC and make some adjustments and then disconnect it from the network and let it boot up independently and join the RAP ? I am not pretty sure if what I am thinking is right or not. I have tried looking into several documents but none of the documents talks about connecting a MAP from the scratch.

Can you share any good document which gives a good understanding and example to configure the RAP and MAP. That will be a great help.

Pls. suggest.



Cisco Employee

RAP and MAP Config issue

I was able to sort it out later.. the problem was my MAP AP 1552 -  was not booting up as a MeshAP byt default and getting into local mode.  So I had to connect it like a normal AP and then change the mode and add  the BGN. Reboot after that. It takes a bit long to join after that but  it does boot up and joins the RAP AP as child.

I hope this may be helpful for others to look into the default mode of AP they want to make MAP.

Now  other issue I am seeing is - the ssid i want my MAP to broadcast is not  showing up. I have made a seperate group and added both of my MAP and  RAP into that group so that they broadcast only my specific ssid. The  RAP does but MAP doesn't and I want to see how MAP behaves when I try to  join the ssid using MAP.

Working on that. Will update if there's something I find out of that.


New Member

RAP and MAP Config issue

Hi Harish,

Thanks for the update.

Sharing the link for :

Cisco Wireless Mesh Access Points, Design and Deployment Guide:

Thanks and regards,

Manas Pratap Singh

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