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recommend a book for WLANSE 642-577

You may be able to help me or direct me to the right direction this is the problem. I am trying to get ready to take the exam 642-577 Wireless LAN design specialist. I could not find a single book that address the Cisco objective exams for the this test. Did you have any suggestion as to how I can find a book or you may know engineers who already went through the certification and they may know a book or a website that covers the exam objectives.

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Re: recommend a book for WLANSE 642-577


I have just sat and passed with 956 the WLANSE Exam. I went on the AWFSS course and the notes are first class and contain everything you need to know to pass exam.

I also used Cisco Press books:-

ISBN 1587051648 Wireless network site surveying and installation.

ISBN158705227X Wireless Networking quick reference.

Just remember to validate the exam you need to be CCDA Certified not CCNA.

Hope that helps!


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Re: recommend a book for WLANSE 642-577

When you say the exam must by validated with a CCDA, does that mean the CCDA is a prereq? Or can I take the SE exam first and then take the CCDA?

The WLAN stuff is fresh in mind right now, I'd like to get the SE exam out of the way and then focus on the CCDA for the specialization.




Re: recommend a book for WLANSE 642-577

I've used the Cisco Wireless book, but IMO, a better book (or books, depending on how far you want to go) are the Planet9 books for CWNA and CWAP (published through Osborne).

The CWNA cert is a generic wireless admin certification, the CWAP (Analysis Professional) is much deeper into the frame composition and transmission.

If you study the CWNA and familiarize yourself with the Cisco product line and capabilities (browse the product pages on the main site), you'll be good-to-go for three exams (Cisco FE, SE, and CWNA).

The Cisco book had some good info in it, but (at least the version I picked up) was a bit out of date, and offered very little towards the information presented on either test (SE or FE - I re-cert'd both last year).

Take a look at the CWNA book ( still seems to have the best prices).

Good Luck, Happy New Year!


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