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Recommended version of Prime Infrastructure to support 3702 APs


I need to update Prime Infrastructure to support 3702 APs

We are currently running CPI version  Updating to 1.4.1 will enable support for the 3702 AP.  I know CPI v 2.1 also supports the 3702.

Do you recommend jumping to version 2.1 or just installing the patch for 1.4.1?




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As you aware there is no

As you aware there is no migration path from 1.4.x to 2.1. So if you want 2.1 then it is a fresh build & not a migration.

I hope when PI 2.2 release there will be a migration path from 1.4.x -> 2.2.

I prefer move onto 1.4.1 (as it support 7.6.x)  for the time being & then move to 2.2 when it comes as it support WLC 8.x code.



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Thanks for replying. Are you

Thanks for replying.


Are you inferring that 2.1 doesn't support wlc 7.6? I thought it did.


I was told by Cisco TAC that 2.2 will have an upgrade path from 1.4.x

I'll install the patch.


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Thanks again.

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No, PI 2.1 also support 7.6.x

No, PI 2.1 also support 7.6.x & 3700. But it will not support new features added in 7.6.x

Prime Infrastructure 2.1 enables you to manage Cisco WLC Releases and with the features of Cisco WLC and earlier releases. Prime Infrastructure 2.1 does not support any features that are introduced in Cisco WLC Releases and except the new access point platforms and the new mobility feature. Prime Infrastructure 2.1 supports the following access points.

  • 3700I/E
    Cisco AP3600 with 802.11ac
    702 I
    Cisco Aironet 1530 Series Outdoor Access Points are supported.
  • 3600P
    Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Points are supported with 802.11ac module.

So it is a judgement call to rebuild your prime or wait for 2.2 release & upgrade your current 1.4.x to 2.2.




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