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Our wireless network is almost working perfectly, the problem is with our guest wireless network that we set up. The pc gets a DHCP addy and everything but when the user launches a web page and they get redirected to the sign in page but they keep getting page can not be displayed. Any one have this problem?


Re: Redirect

Few things to check...

Make sure interface addressing is correct on the WLC.

Make sure user is receiving a valid DNS server, and that they can resolve addresses.

Check user browser is not trying to use a proxy. IE is the only formally supported client.

Very long shot is that the client is rejecting the WLC SSL Certificate, and refusing to show the login page. Try re-generating the SSC on the WLC, and/or relaxing security slightly on the client.



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Re: Redirect


We have the same problem , were you able to solve it ? And more important how did you it ?



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Re: Redirect

We're having the same problem. Everything is working fine except guest access. When using IE, the user will be redirected to the sign on page but then they get a page cannot be displayed error. I can use Firefox and everything work fine. The user can accept the terms and then get out to the Internet. I have tried every security setting in IE with no luck. We only have this problem with IE (IE 6 or 7).

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Re: Redirect

I had something similar and I managed to resolve it by leaving the default web auth as the default internal web page.

I then went to the SSID configuration and in 'Security' I made sure I overrode the global web auth settings and specified the custom auth there.

This worked for me and I did not get any 'page cannot be displayed' anymore

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Re: Redirect

What code were you using that you had to set it up that way. I have not yet ran into that issues and have tried all the codes up to 4.2.130. Just curious..

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Re: Redirect

I am using

Whilst I might think that this is what solved my issue, I am always open to the idea that I did something else that solved the issue without me appreciating it!

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Re: Redirect

This would also happen if your users have a SSL page as their homepage. The WLC in that code does not forward port 443.

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Re: Redirect


Is the redirect page the address of your virtual interface of the WLC?


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Re: Redirect

Here is the official bug for redirecting clients who initially use HTTPS for guest/webauth access:

Note: If you browse to an https site, redirection does not work. Refer to Cisco bug ID CSCar04580 ( registered customers only) for more information.

and from that bug link... funny output:
CSCar04580 Bug Details
Dear valued Cisco Bug Toolkit customer, the bug ID CSCar04580 you searched contains proprietary information that cannot be disclosed at this time; therefore, we are unable to display the bug details. Please note it is our policy to make all externally-facing bugs available in Bug Toolkit to best assist our customers. As a result, the system administrators have been automatically alerted to the problem.

While we are working to resolve this issue, we invite you to reach out to the experts on the Bug Toolkit Support Community. You may find answers there to your Bug Toolkit questions, or post your feedback on our forum as well. Thank you.

Note: Some product enhancement requests and documentation bugs may not be available in Bug Toolkit.

I assume since port 443 is being used for the admin interface, that the port isnt available for webauth redirect. Cisco would/will have to use two web server instances (one for the management IP and another for the virtual IP) to use port 443 for two different purposes... perhaps they are only using a single web server instance now?


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