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Registration of WAPs

I have installed a 4402 WLC with 6 x Lightweight Access Points. I prepped the WAPs initially using the lwapp commands. The Controller found and registered the WAPs so no problem there; however, we unpluggged the WAPs from the 2960 POE switch and then plugged them back in. The WLC could not find them. I went in through the console port of the WAPs. They had lost the address of the WLC from the configuration. I issued the following commands:

clear lwapp private-config

lwapp ap hostname xxx

lwapp ap ip address x.x.x.x

lwapp ap ip default-gateway y.y.y.y

lwapp ap controller ip address z.z.z.z

The configuration is now complete and correct.

However the controller still does not recognise the WAPs and register them.

Question 1 - how do I stop the WAPs constantly rebooting themselves because they cannot register as it is very difficult to do anything with them.

Question 2 - the WAPs have all the details necessary to contact and register with the controller, so why is the controller not recognising them?

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Re: Registration of WAPs

The rebooting is part of the joining process and allows the ap to go through the whole process and try again. You can stop it from rebooting, but if the ap doesn't find the wlc then it will just stay unattached.

For your other question, how is your environment setup. Is the ap's on the same subnet as the wlc? Can be alot of things, but you also need to console into the ap and ost the log so we can see what the ap is doing.

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Re: Registration of WAPs

Thanks for your reply. How do you stop the AP continually rebooting?

I suspect the registration problem may relate to VLANs and tagging. The APManager Interface and Management Interface are both on VLAN 1 of the switch. I have left the Management Inteface as untagged; however, I was unable to set the APManagement Interface to '0' which is untagged; I had to set it to VLAN 1

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Re: Registration of WAPs

I don't know the command off hand to stop the ap from rebooting, but if I find it, I will post it. You should be able to assign the ap-manager interface to '0'.

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Re: Registration of WAPs

The command to prevent an LAP from rebooting during the LWAPP JOIN process is:

debug lwapp client no


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