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Relationship between WLC and LAP

Hi guys out there,

I have some confusion about the realtionship over here. For example, for a site we have 4 APs connected to one switch. The WLC is also connected to the same switch. Physically, the APs has seperate connection to each port. So , does the WLC. Based on that, i just wanted an explanation about if a WLC goes down(due to power or hung), will the other Access point be down as well? Or will they able to stay up but not functioning. I have came across two different scenarios over here:

Scenario 1:

The site WLC is bad. However, the APs were up when we replaced the WLC. The clients were able to work. I believe the HREAP configuration enabled it to work. Please correct me if im wrong.

Scenario 2:

The WLC got hung. Thes rest of the LAP at site were also hard down. The site support only rebooted the WLC and the AP were back up.

I can't really relate how this happened. The AP mode was HREAP as well.

If anyone has any idea/suggestion to explain this, it would be very much helpful.

Thank you..


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Re: Relationship between WLC and LAP

Well in scenario 1, h-reap is working correctly. Now in scenario 2, I don't k ow about this. Was there and issue with the switch maybe and was the switch rebooted also?  You might need to look at the loags on the switch since they are all connected to the same switch.

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