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Remove AP object from WLC

How to remove AP object from WLC 8500 ?  I had dismantle one AP so it is now no longer associated with WLC, I want to remove AP info from WLC. But unable to find any command for the same.

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AP's not joined to the WLC

AP's not joined to the WLC will or should not still be visible from the 8500.  The only spot that an associated ap can be found is in the monitor section under ap join. This section you can clear the entries. If your still seeing an access point, I would verify that maybe another AP is named the same. Take a look at the MAC address of the broken AP and compare it. 


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Hi Scott,Thanks for your

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your answer..  But it's not fulfill my question.  I want to remove some of AP entries which is not currently associated with WLC.

Below are steps which I understood when new AP joins to controller in my case.

1) We are configuring AP with static IP and capwap protocol thru console login of AP.

2) We are connecting AP to WLC thru netwok.

3) When A joins to controller, It will be visible at Monitor section > Access Point Summary

4) It will start from AP.macaddress

5) Now remotely we are applying AP name, HIgh availability and assign to appropriate AP group.

Now My query is when AP joins to controller, somewhere there should be entry in database that this mac address of AP is joined to controller along with AP configuration. 

I want to delete some of AP databases which are disassociates from controller due to media failure between AP and WLC/AP no longer available.

Is there any command to remove AP entries from Controller ? or any other procedure ?








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The only info a WLC will keep

The only info a WLC will keep from an AP that is no longer associated to that WLC is in the AP join status.  If you have an access point that isn't joined but shows in up under the wireless list, then you might be hitting a bug. 


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The Cisco controllers cannot

The Cisco controllers cannot edit or query any access point information using the CLI if the name of the access point contains a space.

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Re: Remove AP object from WLC


Remove unused AP from


> Statistics 

> AP Join  > AP Join Stats 


Click on small Blue box withe Arrow facing bootom" at the right corner of the AP related Row.  Please find attached screenshots.


Remove unused AP from show ap join stats summay all.JPG


Remove unused AP from Monitor Statistics AP Join  AP Join Stats  From remove icon at right end of Last Join time.JPG




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Re: Remove AP object from WLC

Hi Devang ,

Have you been able to remove the APs from Statistics > AP Join > AP Join Stats . Kindly confirm.

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Re: Remove AP object from WLC

Hi Dhshukla,


I have done this many times to get rid of SNMP monitoring alerts on old unused AP that joined the WLC previously and currently in Not joined.


I hope this will work for Devang also.


Best Wishes,

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