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remove - email suppressed up to 30 minutes

Hi, In our wireless network we use WCS to monitor LWAP. There are some AP down due to renovations. We used to get following alarms for down AP very frequently.

WCS has detected a change in one or more alarms of category AP and severity Major in Virtual Domain root.

The new severity of the following items is Clear:

1. Message: 802.11a interface of AP AP7101-01 is down: Controller

(6 times)

2. Message: 802.11a interface of AP AP7101-02 is down: Controller

(4 times)

This email sent in secure mode where all the IP Addresses and Controller Names are masked.

E-mail will be suppressed up to 30 minutes for these changes.

Here, I dont want this message regenerate every 30 min. Is there any way to deactivate this features in WCS.

our WCS version is 7.0.172. and WCS Alarm setting is attached.

Pls sugest any solutions.. Thanks

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This is still a problem in

This is still a problem in Prime 2.0.  I opened a case asking how to change the email suppression time period from 30 minutes to 4 hours so that alarms tripped overnight that won't be acknowledged wouldn't result in a flooded mailbox, and was told this is not a configurable option. So apparently the only "fix" is to turn off the alarm, or change the category to a lesser one that won't result in an email being sent.  I hope in a future release they will decide to make this configurable.




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