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Repeater Mode Issue

I have configured an access point in a repeater mode , Every time am beside the repeater I stay associated with the parent access point with a poor signal . Is this mean that

the repeater is not assoicated with the parent , although in the parent association table the repeater is listed but I can't tell how good is the signal between the repeater and the parnet .

I tried to set a differnet SSID for the client and the repeater to associate with the repeater only but the connection is not stable , it keeps goin on and off , does this mean that the inetrsection coverage is not enough ?

Any suggestions please ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Repeater Mode Issue

Both the root and repeater MUST be the same SSID

A client will only associate to a repeater if it can not maintain a link at all to the root, this is due to the fact it is better to use a lower data rate and have a poor link that the 50% throughput and added latency

Mkae sure the repeater is on the edge of the coverage area of the root then move further away from the root do you then associate to the repeater ?

New Member

Re: Repeater Mode Issue

Thanks Darwin , I do roam from the root to the repeater but not all the time,its moody, I hate the fact that the access point does the auto decsion for you . I faced another issue

yesterday , everytime I log to the web managmenet interface of the root i get reasscoicated with the repeater and vice versa .

I need to configure Encryption using Static Web Key , I do not understand what is the transmit key and I can not find the Cisco Encryption Manager On the CD . ALthough I need to configure the repeater as well , Please suggest how to start.

Another issue , I need to allow only some MAC addresses to connect , do I need to configure a filter on the repeater

as well and Do I need to add the repeater MAC to the root MAC list Filter .

Thank you in advance .

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