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replacing 1242 APs with 2702 APs

Its a few years since I have done anything with Wireless, some time ago we installed Lightweight 1242 with 2506 antennas round our factories,

all working well, now need to do some more factories,. reliability is the main focus.

questions do I need as many 2702E because they are dual band, and was only using the 2.4 Ghz on the 1242.

If I am ceiling  mounting would the 2702I be as good as a 2702E with Air-ant 2544V4-M antenna

I still have a lot of 3750 Switches running Fast Ethernet  interfaces, will I still get good performance, given I will not be using that much bandwidth principle use will be PLC maintenance via iPADs, 7925 phones, AVGs,  and scanners, as I said reliability is the key.

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AP1240 are as reliable as

AP1240 are as reliable as anything.  I still have them deployed in some areas and I have yet to see one fail on me.  The newer generations of APs, however, are a different matter.  


That being said, 2700 is a good investment.  The next firmware roll-out will only support CleanAir APs (1260 will still be supported).  


One thing to consider is you won't be able to "enjoy" 802.11ac, even though you'll be deploying a very-capable 802.11ac AP like the 2700, because of your switch.  


The question about the amount of AP to replace your 1240 will depend if you have a proper wireless site survey done.  I can't comment about the choice of your antenna because I don't know what kind of environment you want to use it on.  2544V4 is a ceiling-mounted antenna and would be well suitable it it was located away from walls.  If an AP is near walls, then you'd consider a different antenna or a 2700i with an Oberon wall-mounted bracket.


Hi,If you have client


If you have client supported at 5ghz, then its good you go for dual band AP, it obviously makes your environment less noisy, because of dual band utilization.

and as far as 2702I and 2702E is concern both APs are made for specific scenarios if you want to make point-point or point-multipoint connection between your factories, that are not much far, then outdoor/External equipment is made for. 

For internal coverage is 2702I and no doubt it has much better RF Excellence and for deployment 2700 series AP you switch should have Gig switch-ports.


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