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Roaming between 1100 APs with Centrino adapters

We are currently pilotting two Cisco 1100 APs with two Centrino laptops having integrated 11b adapters.

Although the two APs are configured similarly, we are not able to successfully roam between them. We start off associated with one AP, and can ping our core switch. Once we move closer to the 2nd AP, we associate with the 2nd AP, but are no longer able to ping our core switch.

The Fa0 interfaces on both APs are on the same VLAN. We have not yet enabled WEP, or any authenticatation. We wanted to try to keep it simple at first, and then later add security.

Any asuggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

John Rumball


Re: Roaming between 1100 APs with Centrino adapters

Looks like there is some isseue with the core switch. Check the switch port configuration in the switch.

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Re: Roaming between 1100 APs with Centrino adapters

It sounds like you may actually be roaming between the two but aren't getting IP? The beauty of having high priced Cisco wireless gear is the management functionality. Log onto the AP and look at associations. Are you getting associated? Are you getting authenticated?

Think of wireless association in terms of a link light. You may indeed be roaming to the other AP (getting a link light on the 'roamed to') but until you get a valid IP, you may not work. I know you don't say it here, but it sounds like your APs may be on diff't L3 networks (vLans if you prefer).

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