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Roaming with Aironet 1100's

I have installed several WLAN’s over the years using non-Cisco equipment. However, I’ve ‘seen-the-light’ and have deployed a WLAN using two Aironet 1100 access points. My question is how do I allow my clients to roam between the two? In my previous installations this was a built-in feature of the hardware, but I don’t know how to do this with the 1100. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Cisco Employee

Re: Roaming with Aironet 1100's

Hi ,

In the wireless lan there are two kind of roaming ,

a) layer2 roaming and b) layer 3 roaming .

Layer 2 roaming is supported by all Cisco AP and it is defined in 802.11b standard .

If you have latest ACU and Radio fimrware on the Cisco Client card you will see there is option periodically scan for better AP . You can check or uncheck this option .

Layer 2 romaing is ON by default , you do not have to configure anything on APs. Make sure SSID and Ip address subnet is same .

Layer 2 romaing depends on signal stregth , # of hops from backbone , Loss of beacon packets etc ....When client finds better signal strength from another AP , it will roam to that AP . Two AP will talk IAPP protocol for smooth roaming .

For Layer 3 roaming you need mobile ip stack on PC and Home Agent / Foreign Agent .

Cisco AP now supports proxy mobile ip , it will proxy for client so you don't have to install proxy mobile ip stack on each client . This allows to do layer 3 roaming .

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Re: Roaming with Aironet 1100's

I know that the AP1100 can work in repeater mode, so to extend coverage where cable can't be laied. What i really think would be great is to make the AP1100 work in repeater mode trought the wired interface without wasting radio bandwith !!

Any thougts on this ? Can it be done ?

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