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During my CCNA Wireless studies I got the question:

What will AP do when change WLC during roaming?

The answer was to reauthenticate and reassociate. But I checked the guides and did not find good answer. In guide it is said that AP reauthenticates and reassociates only when leaves mobilitu domain. What about situations for intracontoller and intercontroller roaming and L3 roaming inside domain?

Please clarify...

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Hi,I think youre talking


I think youre talking about client roaming.

If am correct this the link you should refer.


Client will reauthenticate and reassociate only when he leaves a mobility domain.




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Thank you, Ashish.Yes I was

Thank you, Ashish.

Yes I was asking about roaming (edited the initial question a little))) But I was not asking about the guide (I can use google very well))) I said there was no good answer in any guide (maybe not any, not sure) what happens when client moves within mobility domain(((

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Hi Ovod88888, The link i

Hi Ovod88888,


The link i shared appears to be a guide but if you open it and go through the inter and intra controller roaming it would have cleared your doubts.

However this is the best link for your understanding as someone has already asked the similar question earlier:

Link >

Mobility domain is like a Root of the tree and if you roam between domains which is like moving a long distance, moving to a different domain here raoming will not work and you have to manually connect and associate as u did with the current domain.


Domain > Mobility Group > Controllers > AP > Clinets.




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Hmm. I think, I better read

Hmm. I think, I better read document provided)))

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Well, from document:When the

Well, from document:

When the wireless client moves its association from one access point to another, the controller simply updates the client database with the newly associated access point. If necessary, new security context and associations are established as well.

And what does it mean??? Client reauthenticates, reassociates or both?

Specially I dont undestand great impression "if necessary")))

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Just reassociation info

Just reassociation info unless the client for some reason is forced to do a full reauth. This can be because of poor coverage if maybe the session time expirese the same time. The type if authentication also determines the roam. Using a WLC, the roam is seamless.
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