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RRM taking wrong decisions

HI to everyone

in your opinion. do you think RRM can take wrong decisions? We are a school and I'm looking the way RRM is operating and I can see for example 6 AP just beside each other being assigned to channel 1 ! I'm not an expert but as far as i know the first rule is not having  adjacent APs working on the same channel and RRM is taking such decision.

We are having a very noisy environment (being jammed by two telecom tower) and we still have very 802.11 b/g/n clients around so moving to higher band is not an option for now. Im not sure if the AP is choosing this decisions because of the interference but even so its not helpful 

please let me know what you think because I decided to go manual and try to some how define the APs channel manually



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yes, I would trust RRM &

yes, I would trust RRM & leave it to decide channels AP to operate.

Unless there is persistent interference of CH1 & CH11 that should not happen. Manual channel changing & giving good wireless service could be a challenge.

What model of AP are those ? Are they cleanair capable ? If so you can enable EDRRM (802.11b/g/n RRM->DCA) to see if that help.




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HI Manannalage and as usual

HI Manannalage and as usual thanks for your help

I uploaded a report from Cisco expert so you can see what type of environment I have

Yes , Its persistent interference. its two communication tower around the school jamming everything. 

as you said its a challenge but I don't know what else to do. No matter how much I explain this but at the end of the day its IT problem! (Oh I missed IT Crowed TV series)

EDRRM is already enabled 

I have AIR-CAP3702I-Z-K9 , AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9 , AIR-CAP3502I-N-K9 and AIR-LAP1252AG-N-K9 in my network.

One thing is those APs which are Clean Air capable , they actually don't report any signal jamming. even the report on WCS doesn't show any thing! they report DECT and Macro oven but noting else.

I only come to know about it when I changed one AP to SE-Connect mode and started looking on the air. 


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