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second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

What is the feature name/details where you push a second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

We have all WLCs and about 500 APs and looking to go to

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Re: second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

One of the features of the 6.0.X is the ability to upgrade the new firmware of the LWAP before the WLC boots up to the new firmware.

Re: second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

Is there a section in the Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide Release 6.0 that discusses this? or a URL on that gives details?  So I have and plan to go to it can push the AP image out before the reboot to making my down time less?

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Re: second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

Hi Jason,

The below link will provide us the detailed explanation on performing the upgrade..

Taking the compatibility into considerations..

We are using 4.2.170, based on the same link.. we need to first upgrade to 4.2.176 and then we can upgrade to 6.0, that is..

I hope this answered your question.



Re: second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

I've done the upgrades to several times, my question is more around details about how to push image to the AP to make the WLC reboot go faster.

I have some larger AP count upgrades coming up and don't want to wait 45-60 minutes for the APs to download image and have that

long of outage.  Looking for URL or link that just talks about pushing the image out ahead as I understand the AP can hold two images.

Cisco Employee

Re: second image to the AP to make the upgrade go faster.

Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delayed response.. I completely understood the concerns and also the issue what we are facing.. The answer to your question is there in the link which was provided in the previous post.. still the process as follows..

Using the CLI to Predownload an Image to Access Points

Using the CLI, you can predownload an image to a specific access point or to all access points. The process includes these steps:

Predownload the upgrade image to the controller.

Predownload the upgrade image to the access points.

Upgrade images on the controller and access points.

Set a reboot time for the controller and the access points.

Predownload the Upgrade Image to the Controller

To obtain an upgrade image, follow Step 1 through Step 10 in the "Using the CLI to Upgrade Controller Software" section on page 9-9.

On the controller CLI, enter transfer download start to view the updated settings and answer y to the prompt to confirm the current download settings and start the software download. Information similar to the following appears:

Mode........................................... TFTP 
Data Type...................................... Code
TFTP Server IP....................................
TFTP Packet Timeout............................... 6
TFTP Max Retries............................... 10 
TFTP Path......................................
TFTP Filename.................................. xxx.aes

Are you sure you want to start? (y/n) y
TFTP Code transfer starting.
TFTP receive complete... extracting components.
Writing new bootloader to flash.
Making backup copy of RTOS.
Writing new RTOS to flash.
Making backup copy of Code.
Writing new Code to flash.
TFTP File transfer operation completed successfully. 
  Please restart the switch (reset system) for update to complete.

Enter show boot on the controller. The new image is listed as the primary image and the old image is listed as the backup. However, you should switch the primary and backup images to ensure that if the controller resets before or during the upgrade the network still comes up with the existing image.

Enter config boot backup to change the controller active boot image to the existing image (which is now the backup).

Enter show boot again to make sure the images are set up correctly.

Predownload the Image to the Access Points

To predownload the image to the access point Flash memory, enter this command on the controller CLI:

config ap image predownload {primary | backup} {ap_name | all}

The primary image is the new image; the backup image is the existing image. Access points always boot with the primary image.

To swap an access point's primary and backup images, enter this command:

config ap image swap {ap_name | all}

Upgrade Images on the Controller and Access Points

To display detailed information on access points specified for predownload, enter this command:

show ap image {all | ap-name}

We follow this procedure..