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Second port on a 4404

Hi, I have a 4404 that is running close to the 48-AP limit for one connected port. I have installed a second port and set it up. My understanding is that the APs that join will be split between the two active ports - but APs are still only joining port 1.

Where am I going wrong?


Re: Second port on a 4404

The 48 APs is not for the port, but for the "ap-manager" interface. If you add a second port, you can either add a second AP-Manager and put its port as port 2, or you can just enable LAG.

Even with 1 port, and LAG enabled, you do not have the 48 AP limitation per AP-Manager.

If you're going to use two ports though, you might as well do LAG unless your switch doesn't support etherchannels...

New Member

Re: Second port on a 4404

Yes, you're right. I meant to say that I have added an ap-manager2 interface with a separate IP address. So access points should now be joining the ap-manager2 interface as well as the ap-manager interface?

Let's leave LAG out of it for now.

We have another controller that has two ap-manager interfaces and that is working as expected (69 APs on it). The one in question has the same set up but is not working as expected.

Further thoughts?


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Re: Second port on a 4404

OK, found it - we had inconsistent VLANs on the ports on the switches.


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