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Seeking indoor wireless mesh solution

morning friends,

One of our buildings is a 120K square foot building with very high public access. We currently have 5 independent AP's where some Cisco, others are not and each one broadcasts a different SSID. Like others I am sure it just evolved out of need. Time to replace.

I am looking to implement a wireless solution that can achieve the following and hoping someone here can suggest a CISCO product line to investigate.

An easily expandable indoor wireless mesh solution that can provide a single SSID that is would be accessed by mainstream public. (open - free wifi)


another single SSID that would be hidden that would be for internal staff and management, and etc...

ultimately it would be managed by one console / system / device.


Any thoughts?







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This depends on your current

This depends on your current infrastructure.  Do you have Cisco WLCs?  Cisco Switches?  Is this an implementation of only 5 APs?  How large will it grow?


If you want quick and easy, you should check out the Cisco Meraki line.


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Charles Moreton

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Hi Charles,We are a cisco

Hi Charles,

We are a cisco shop

The project would be a complete new designed with upwards or 10 AP's to start but should be able to expand to at least 20.

Yes, seeking a WLC

I have used mariki in the past before they were cisco and that was my first thought, but looking for something maybe a bit more robust

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