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Setting Locally Switched VLAN Id for HREAP'd ap's?

I am using HREAP on a number of AP's to fulfill a need of my end-users to have wireless devices connect to a locally hosted resource on a sites network.  Getting the AP's to operate correctly has not been an issue (for the most part), and getting the "Locally Switched VLAN's" functional was not a problem.  However, when I routinely go back through my AP's to check on them or to look t-shoot an unrelated issue I have noticed that some of the AP's have retained the Locally Switched VLAN mapping (i.e.: WLAN Id=5, Profile Name = test ssid, VLAN Id = 123) and some of them resolve the VLAN Id to 1 (for example).

Is the anyone that may have experienced this and can offer or point me towards a resolution?

I am also curious if I can configure the Locally switched vlans directly to my WiSM's instead of to each individual HREAP'd AP?

BTW: I have a wireless environment of 1242, 1252, and 1142 ap's with WiSM's on a 65xx w/ sup720.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Setting Locally Switched VLAN Id for HREAP'd ap's?

I saw similar behavior at a client site running & code, what I found the issue to be was that when you set the native vlan and hit apply the AP took a minute to initate a reboot (or so it appeared) and when I set the VLAN Mappings they weren't actually being applied.

I found if I set the AP to H-REAP and applied that then waited about 3-4 minutes, then enabled VLAN Support and set Native VLAN, apply that, wait 3-4 minutes, then set my VLAN Mappings that the issue went away.

Not sure if that's the same issue your running into but it's worth a shot.. I tried tons of things before discovering that pattern.. Incidentally it didn't seem to behave that way in 4.0 code nor does it seem to behave that way in 7.0 code.

Hope this helps...

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