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setting unique VLANs on AP`s ? *


I have a voice and data SSID eac with their own VLAN`s. they work great :)

now much to my regret i have to support a WPA2 PSK enabled wirless Printer.

Here come the questions..

1. I have set up 'printdata' on my WLC`s under -> WLANs -> new (and entered new ssid and authentication type)

is this the correct way of adding a new SSID ? any other steps

2. I need a new Vlan for this printer, due to the nature of the device needing a PSK+WPA2 i feel i want to separate normal network traffic from 'data' ssid/vlan.

how do i set a new VLAN on the WLC ? i.e can i get a template setup so if i put an AP in a certain area it knows to use that VLAN ?

how do i add new vlans to AP`s ?

sorry for all the newby questions its annoying for me as i dont really want this kind of device on the network but then again im the administrator not the director ;)



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Re: setting unique VLANs on AP`s ? *

Yes for #1

For #2, you need to create anew dynamic interface on the WLC just like how you created the voice and data. Once you create that, then on the printer wlan ssid, map the new interface to that ssid. Make sure you allow that vlan id on our trunk port connected to the WLC.

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Re: setting unique VLANs on AP`s ? *


many thanks for you answer ! for info i did not originally create voice and data as i inherited the wireless network so iam learning top down rather than from the ground up.

your info is much appreciated, great forum :)


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