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Setting up wireless Cisco Access Points independently and network layout


I am technician in a school. I have been asked to upgrade wireless system in school. Currently I am using VDSL2 30Mbps line. I am using E4200 Router, which is providing internet services. The school has 3 floors. On one floor I have this router which is further attached with 16 port gigabit unmanageable switch. The same router is providing wireless service on the same floor using Class C ip address. From the switch I have extended a cable and took it on to another (second floor), where I have got one more gigabit switch. From that switch I have connected one router using different subnet and further i have attached two access points for the entire floor, which is working ok. From the same switch I have extended one more cable up to third floor where I have connected one more access point. So, 3 access points on three floors, 2 switches and two router. This is the current network layout.

Now school have decided to go over to fiber. ISP is going to put Juniper router and going to create vlan and will configure access restrictions. School will have 100Mbps unlimited up and download speed. Its because of increase in number of students. School is still waiting for the router and configuration to be done.

I have got 4 cisco 1602i access points (AIR-SAP1602I-Z-K9). These access points are POE supported. I have got one 8 port POE switch also. When I got these 4 cisco I didnt get power adapters with them. First I want to ask, is this normal. Don't they usually come with power adapter. I know they are POE, but cisco doesn't send them with power adapters.

Second I want to ask, if these access points can work independent without WLAN controller. Or do i have to have WLAN controller.

As fiber is not up yet so, for the time being I have connected these access points with POE switch using Cat5E cable and then further connected the POE switch with normal gigabit switch, which is further conneted with router at this point.

Please tell me if I am doing it correctely. I will also be needing help with the configuration.

Can anyone tell me how to setup these access points independently for current situation to provide internet access. How to set them on different channels etc......

Also want to know if there is any software that can detect access points and can help me manage these access points.

I shall be thankful.



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Re: Setting up wireless Cisco Access Points independently and ne


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