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Setting up WLAN

I am setting up a WLAN with 1200 AP's and I have three of them. One I am looking at making the Root AP. and then other 2 will be Repeaters. I have created a SSID on the called "WLAN_Warehouse". On the Repeater I have created two SSID's. One is called, "WLAN_Warehous2" and the other is called, "WLAN_Warehouse". I have made the, "WLAN_Warehouse" the default SSID under SSID Manager for the Set Infrastructure ID and also told it to Force Infrastructure Devices to associate only to this SSID. When I look at the Associtions from the ROOT AP and under Repeaters I see my Repeater AP listed, but under Parent it says self instead of MAC address of the ROOT AP. is this correct? Also What do I need to do a site survey with the AP's I have? I have Linksys USB cards, can it be done with those or do I need Cisco cards?



Re: Setting up WLAN

You might find parent as self under Root AP. On the Repeater AP you will find the parent as Mac of Root AP. Check the access point on which you are checking.

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