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Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco LWAPP stuff)


I have WCS 4.2 that I have installed and licensed, and have added a 4400 controller to it through the service port. I want to initially setup the controller to control a bunch of LWAP's all on a simple network where a Linksys is the DHCP, and the gateway to the internet. From what I read it appears that setting the controller up using a LAYER3 config is the way it should be done, As you can tell by my simple config though I will only require LAYER2 for my purpose. Anyone have any insight as to the best thing to do?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

Ok. I have the controller associated with WCS and am using DHCP on the ap-manager port. I plugged that port into a Cisco switch and then plugged a LWAPP into another port on the Cisco switch and see the AP go into discovery mode at the end of bootup. Problem is I don't see it when I look on the controller... Any ideas?

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Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

So now realizing that using the service port to have the controller talk to the WCS server wasn't right I move the IP from the service port to the Manager port using physical port 1. The problem is now there is no connectivity, cannot ping the IP anymore. Is there something special about using port 1 or port 2 with with rj-45 sfp's that I would be missing?  The port shows up ... But no dice

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Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

Hey William, I'm trying to follow along but am getting a little lost.  Are you connecting through the SFP or one of the other ports?  LWAPP will only talk through one of the SFP ports and, if I'm not mistaken, those SFPs are Gigabit only (meaning you have to tie into a Gig port on your switch).  Also, the AP-Manager interface is used for the APs to talk LWAPP to the controller; you cannot ping this address because it's looking for LWAPP or CAPWAP traffic and not ICMP.  The Manager interface is what you want to ping since that is the interface that you can telnet, http, and ping to.

Here's a doc that may help a bit:

Also, taken from that doc is some info on how to configure the 4400:

Q. How do I access the GUI configuration wizard on a 4400 controller?

A. In order to configure the basic settings on a 4400 controller using the GUI configuration
wizard, you must connect to the service port of the controller. Next, configure your PC to use
the same subnet as the controller service port; the IP address on service port when configuring
the WLC for the first time is Start Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (or later) or Firefox (or later) on your PC, and browse to The GUI Configuration
wizard appears.

For detailed information on this topic, refer to the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
Configuration Guide, Release 6.0.

Hope this helps you, I have 4400s in my environment but I haven't had a need yet to set one up from scratch .  In a few months that'll change.

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Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L


I am connecting through the sfp (management port) now but started with the service port. It seems as though nothing I do through the sfp's work? The IP I put on the service port allowed me to have my WCS server see the controller and then the "how do I get AP's to be seen by the controller" started. I read more and found that the management port is what should be used to talk between the WCS server and the controller. The discovery happened from the LWAPP's cause I saw it while I watched it boot, and it was LAN connected to the controller, just didn't do anything. The issue is whatever I do through that port doesn't appear to work...

I will put the setup back through the service port for now and try more stuff I guess... I am for sure missing something here...

Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L


     A couple things that may be an issue here.. As someone stated earlier the Service port is for out-of-band management and it's generally best practice to have it on a subnet different than the management interfaces. Also be aware that the 2 or 4 sfp ports depending on the model (4402 -vs- 4404) are gigabit only ports so if your connecting them to a 10/100 switch port they won't link.

     Here is the steps I'd suggest for you to get the unit up and running in a basic manner quickly.

     Step 1 - connect the controller with sfp's to a gig switch

     Step 2 - Connect your computer to the console port

     Step 3 - power cycle the controller and watch for the menu and do a clear config

     Step 4 - Reboot the controller and run the setup script and set your desired management address as the management interface.

     Once the script is complete you should be able to access the controller on the management address via SSH and HTTPS

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

First of all thanks for the responses...

Here's how its setup, where it doesn't work...  Which to me makes no sense...

I have a Cisco 2960T with the gi0/2 port trunked and directly connected to the rj45-sfp plugged into port 1 on the Cisco 4402. The Cisco 4402 IP for "manangement" that is assigned to port 1 is on VLAN1. The IP for management on the 2960T assigned to VLAN1 is I connected a laptop to the 2960T as well and gave it an IP of

So to summarize this is how it's setup.

Cisco 2960T

Vlan1 IP is

gi0/2 - Trunked (directly connected to port 1 on the Cisco 4402)

fa0/1 - plugged into laptop 1

Cisco 4402

Service Port - (directly connected to a Laptop 2)

management port 1 - (directly connected to gi0/2 on 2960T)

ap-manager port 2 -

virtual port -

Laptop 1

Laptop 2

Nothing can talk to the I cannot ping it from the 2960T, or from Laptop1. Laptop 1 and the 2960T can of course talk without issue. Laptop1 also cannot open either.

New Member

Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

William, a few things:

  • On the management interface, do you have the VLAN set to 0?  If you're using the native 1 VLAN you don't need to tag as VLAN 1; in fact, if you have tagged as VLAN 1 this could be the issue.
  • AP manager needs to be on the same VLAN as the native VLAN you've set for the APs (presumably 1) unless you're using DHCP option 43 (I believe) or have added the to DNS.  This is because without the other two options it will broadcast out to try finding the controller.  If APs will be talking back on VLAN 1, then remove VLAN tagging on that interface by setting to 0

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

That was it...

I have to say that I would have never thought, with my limited knowledge of wireless controllers, that matching VLAN 1 on both the controller and the switch it's connected to would have been my issue??  I must be too much of a switch router guy!!  LOL

Just the same I appreciate the reponses and I can now communicate to the controller with the WCS software.

Thanks :

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Re: Setting WCS and a 4400 controller (being a newbie to Cisco L

No problem, I had a similar issue a while ago where I tagged a Native VLAN on the port and then tagged the Management VLAN and couldn't get to the controller; I can understand how frustrating it is.  Good to hear you're up and running, and again if you make the changes to the AP manager interface your APs will connect over to them (assuming they're LWAPP or have been converted).

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