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Signal dropping??? Please help!


I've installed 6 AP1200's in an apt building to provide everyone with internet access. Some of the users are complaining that the service goes on and off at peak times. I'm new to these Cisco APs but I don't think this should be happening especially since some of the complaints are coming from people with an AP in their apt! I've looked at the logs and see that stations are authenticating and reassociating several times per hour. Does anyone know why? Please helpSee excerpt from log...

004/03/04 09:53:45 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 09:53:45 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 09:53:21 Info Station []000c413f10d2 Associated

2004/03/04 09:53:21 Info Station []000c413f10d2 Authenticated

2004/03/04 09:51:35 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 09:51:35 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 09:10:29 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 09:10:29 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 08:57:29 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 08:57:29 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 08:52:04 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 08:52:04 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 08:33:41 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated

2004/03/04 08:33:41 Info Station []000c4174362e Authenticated

2004/03/04 08:27:13 Info Station []000c4174362e Reassociated


Re: Signal dropping??? Please help!

Can you check for interference from other devices in the same frequency range (2.4Ghz) being used?

Microwave ovens are a source of interference as they use the same freq. (Am not saying that ppl are using MW ovens 24 hours a day)

Are the clients using Cisco cards or other vendor cards ?

Was a site survey done prior to the installation of the APs ? Use the ACU utility site survey tool and do a site survey/link test of the installed units. Check for a SNR of anything better than 10-20 db.

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