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New Member

Signal handover between aironet 1252s

hi there,

We have a number of cisco aironet 1252s (lightweight mode) controlled by a cisco 5508 WLC. The access points are running the latest firmware (downloaded today).

A number of staff are using windows mobile 5 handsets to connect to the wireless network.

The problem we are having is that when staff move from one location to another (i.e. from one access point to another) the signal drops off and the handset takes a minute to connect back up?

Can anyone suggest anything I can do about this? I'm more than happy to provide additional info if needed.



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Cisco Employee

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

Hi Huw,

Latest version being 7.0.98?

Is RRM running and has reasonable cell overlap been confirmed?

Do other types of devices have issues roaming?

I'd recommend running a debug client while the failed roam event occurs.

Our best bet for determining why clients are dropping is to telnet or ssh into the controller, and run a debug client.

It's important to monitor the focus client (we can only debug one client at a time) while the debug is running, and make a note of what and when happened 
(client dropped, didn't recover, recovered after a certain time, etc).

Once the client has had the issue, stop the debug and review the outputs at the time that the issue was observed.

Here are details on how to accomplish this:

1) Identify the mac address of the focus client

2) telnet or ssh into the controller

3) start terminal output logging to collect the output

4) issue the command:  config sessions timeout 0  (this will prevent the session from timing out, which stops debugs on wireless controllers).

5) check the controller's time to make sure our debug time stamps will correlate to the client's perceived time (show time)

6) start the debug:  debug client

7) monitor the client, make a note of when the issue occurs and the client perceived symptoms.

8) once the event has occurred, stop the debug with the following command:  debug disable-all

9) stop terminal file logging and review the captured output

Additional info regarding the Debug Client utility:

Understanding Debug Client on Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs)

New Member

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

Thanks for the quick reponse. Yes that is the firmware we are running.

I've attached the output from a debug in the hope it will make more sense to someone than it does to me!

I'm really grateful for any help with this.


New Member

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

Hi there,

I'm posting some more logs in the hope someone can help with this!

One other things I've noticed is that the access points for some reason only seem to have 2 of the 6 antenna's connected. Is there a reason for this I don't understand?

Cheers again,


Cisco Employee

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

Hi, it looks like after roaming, the handheld is not replying to the new key exchange (this is the point of view of WLC). Are you sure that drivers are up to date on those devices?

The "2 out of 6" antennas connected is really bad. Which antennas are connected ? 2 on the same side ? or one on each side ? left/right ? left/middle ?



New Member

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

Thanks for your reply nicholas. Its just the 2 antennas on the left that are plugged in. The middle and right hand side are just stumps! Is there any reason for doing this?

I will look into upgrading the drivers on the handhelds. They are windows mobile 5 so it could be interesting.


Cisco Employee

Re: Signal handover between aironet 1252s

No valid reason no, it's bad.

If you connect only 2 antennas it should be right and left (but not middle) and then on the AP config, you should mark that the middle antenna is not connected.

But the best solution is to plug all 3 antennas on the same side.



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