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Site Survey for 1500 Mesh

I have a customer that wants outdoor wireless, and looking to deploy the 1510.

How do i perform the site survey, and with what equipments. Is there a tool that I can use to satisfy the customer, that the locations I plan to install the 1510 will give good coverage?

Is it a case where I have to get two of these 1510 and then perform a site survey to get exact readings?



Re: Site Survey for 1500 Mesh

there are some excellent information sources on & other links on performing a site survey. I recommend the 802.11 wireless fundamentals book from ciscopress as a good start.

The coverage will be dictated by several factors, such as obstacles, rf interference, access to data & power, etc.

The # of APs needed for a survey will vary with the size of the area that is to be covered. 2 APs hardly makes a mesh. You will not get a true idea of how the mesh behaves, fails over, etc with just 2 APs

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