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Some VLAN help

I used this documentation to setup my WLC in a lab for testing.

Vlan 1 =

Vlan 200 =

I have two vlans 1 and 200. I created a vlan 200 interface just like in the documentation on the WLC. The ap is plugged into a port on vlan 200 and can associate with the WLC (and grab a dhcp address) from a dhcp server which is on VLAN 10.

I have no secuirty set up on the wireless ap as im just playing around with things. I can ping the wireless interface i made on the WLC from the WLC but i cant ping it from any other device. Is that normal? Reading the documentation it sounds like i should be able to ping the wireless interface from any device on the network (i cant ping the wireless interface from the ap either)

Also i think this is cause the problem where the laptop tries to associate with the ap it cant get an ip address.

I have a 3560 running a layer 3 IOS for this lab. With the WLC on a port that allows multiple vlans do i need to setup a static route of some sort to allow communication? Or maybe im just in over my head lol

Any information you need dont hesitate to ask! Thanks!!!

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Re: Some VLAN help

Okay so i left work yesterday, we had a power outage and came back in this morning and it now works.

I only have one AP on the network for testing and i noticed that while that AP is off, i cant ping the wireless interface. (is this correct) This is so weird, i have been fighting this all week and now it works.

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