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Square Footage Range for AIR-AP1131AG ?

Can someone tell me the indoor square footage range for a Cisco AIR-AP1131AG ? I have someone that is purchasing this unit and wants to cover 3,500 square feet with just one access point. Thanks.


Re: Square Footage Range for AIR-AP1131AG ?

The range should be fine for that area of coverage. The 1131AG is comparable to the Cisco 4941 antenna, which Cisco says has a range of 300ft at 6Mbps. You'll need to keep several other things in mind, though.

1. Client Capacity - the 1131AG can't support much more than 20 or 25 clients.

2. RF Shadows - An open environment is one thing, but if you have anything in that room then there will be large coverage holes if only a single AP is used. This is especially true with anything metallic.

3. Redundancy - If any wireless traffic is mission-critical, you should probably install a second AP in case the first one fails.

In the end, I would recommend at least one more AP, but purchasing one and trying it out isn't a terrible idea if money is a concern.


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Re: Square Footage Range for AIR-AP1131AG ?

I agree with Jeff.

Have "someone" look at this link:

Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories Reference Guide

Scroll down to the "Cisco Aironet 1130 Series Integrated Antenna" to see a good picture what this unit can/can't do.

Hope this helps.

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