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SSID based on building

How can I tell AP's in one building to broadcast one SSID while AP's in another building broadcast a different one?

We have WLC and WSC.

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Re: SSID based on building

Hi Brandon,

The feature you are looking for is called WLAN Override in WLC 4.x versions. In 5.x versions you will use AP Groups:)

Enabling WLAN Override

By default, access points transmit all defined WLANs on the controller. However, you can use the WLAN Override option to select which WLANs are transmitted and which ones are not on a per access point basis. For example, you can use WLAN override to control where in the network the guest WLAN is transmitted or you can use it to disable a specific WLAN in a certain area of the network.

From this doc;

Once you create a new WLAN, the WLAN > Edit page for the new WLAN appears. In this page you can define various parameters specific to this WLAN including General Policies, RADIUS Servers, Security Policies, and 802.1x Parameters.

**Check Admin Status under General Policies to enable the WLAN. If you want the AP to broadcast the SSID in its beacon frames, check Broadcast SSID.

Note: You can configure up to sixteen WLANs on the controller. The Cisco WLAN Solution can control up to sixteen WLANs for Lightweight APs. Each WLAN has a separate WLAN ID (1 through 16), a separate WLAN SSID (WLAN name), and can be assigned unique security policies. Lightweight APs broadcast all active Cisco WLAN Solution WLAN SSIDs and enforce the policies that you define for each WLAN.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: SSID based on building

thanks for the help. While I was waiting for a reply I tried to figure it out myself.

I made a AP Group. When I was creating it, it asked me which SSID I wanted to be part of the group. Then I told it which access points to be in the group.

I added the access point in my office. I scaned for ssid's with my laptop and I could now only see the SSID I told to be a member of the AP group I made.

Could I ask why I shouldn't do it the way I described above?

New Member

Re: SSID based on building

Also I read the documentation you listed and tried to do it. I couldn't find

"Step 4 Choose Enable from the WLAN Override drop-down box to enable this option and display a list of the available WLANs (see Figure 6-8)."

Step 4 was simply not there on my controller. I think its because this is documentation for 4.0 and I am running 5.2

Any chance you know where to find this in the 5.2 documentation?

Re: SSID based on building

The WLAN override option is deprecated in the 5.2 version:

"In controller software release, the WLAN override feature has been removed from both the controller GUI and CLI. If your controller is configured for WLAN override and you upgrade to controller software release, the controller deletes the WLAN configuration and broadcasts all WLANs. You can specify that only certain WLANs be transmitted by configuring access point groups. Each access point advertises only the enabled WLANs that belong to its access point group."

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Re: SSID based on building

cool, so I did do it right. Thanks for help all

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