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SSID dissapears after aironet 1602E reboots

Hi there,

I currently have an issue where My core 3850's are constantly rebooting (another issue) which in turn makes my air-cap1602E deregister then re-register.  Once it re-registers i can ssh onto it and it's on the network, but the SSID is not being broadcasted as it was previously.  I've noticed that the Dot11radio 0/1 interfaces are set to "admin down" so i bring them up and the SSID is broadcast once again, this is until the 3850 switch stack reboots, then it happens all over again.  SSID is no longer broadcast and the two Dot11radio interfaces are "admin down".

If anyone can give me any pointers it'd be greatly appreciated, Wireless is not my strong point, this is all on the job training for me.



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Hi Kenny,  Are you sure the

Hi Kenny, 


Are you sure the behaviour of the AP is not related to your 3850 rebooting?  How is your AP connected to the 3850?  If the radios stay down after a reboot then there's some kind of "IP-related" issue going on.  Need more info about your AP setup.  

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Hi Leo,I statically assigned

Hi Leo,

I statically assigned the AP's with IP addresses within the wireless mgmt subnet range and they registered fine with the WLC on the 3850.  I assigned them to an AP group and the SSID was transmitted fine - until the 3850 reboots.  The reboots happened irregularly and varied from an hour after the last reboot to several hours.  I have resolved this (hopefully) by upgrading both 3850's to the latest software - I believe this issue was to do with the stacking module as both switches were fine individually.

Once the 3850's came back up I could log onto the 3850 WLC and see the AP's and I could also SSH onto them through the wired network but they would not transmit the SSID.  The Dot11Radio interfaces were all set to administratively down and the SSID would only tranmit when I brought those interfaces up manually.  Currently the 3850's have been stable for 4 days and I'm currently monitoring the kit remotely.

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