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SSIDs disappearing on AP

im running a wireless network with four LAP1131AG AP connected to one WLC2106 (sw

the 7921 phones run on 802.11a and are working fine.

the guest access and internal data services which run on 802.11g with different SSIDs are the ones which causing me grief. From my office i see (with netstumbler) the 2 SSID announcements from 3 different APs (ch 1,6,11) with decent signal strength (-50 to -80).

Sometimes i loose both or just one SSID from an AP. Loosing both SSID i would just write off as interference/bad signal from that one AP, but what i dont understand is the times i just loose one (meaning not seeing it for 30secs+) of the two SSIDs.

can anyone explain that phenomenon?

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Re: SSIDs disappearing on AP

do you get disassociated? it sounds like a driver issue, I would update your drivers and try another machine to eliminate the AP and WLC

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Re: SSIDs disappearing on AP

the notebook with the netstumbler isnt associated, it just scans.

But other clients loose connection, but the WLC takes quite awhile to disassociate them (timeout i guess).

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Re: SSIDs disappearing on AP

I have a similar issue and TAC is not helping very much. I have 20 1242 series APs and several of them disppear at once and reappear later. It is very strange, anyone seen anything like this? A reboot of the AP works or we just wait an hour.

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