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Stand-alone wireless, ad-hoc, file sharing

For a outdoor University class in Zion Canyon National Park, I want to create a "LAN" in camp. Mostly I think I want to do file sharing, since we won't have Internet access. Does anyone know how to do this? I've been all over the web and can't find help. I think I want to set up and ad-hoc network.

I'm very new to wireless. I have a Cisco Aironet 350 Series Access Point, with an omni-directional antenna. My laptop is a Dell Inspiton 8100, running Windows 2000. My 30 iPaqs, Model 3650, have Cisco Aironet 340 Series Wireless Lan Adapters.

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Re: Stand-alone wireless, ad-hoc, file sharing

Hi, ad-hoc configuration is recommended to small wlan, to this situation you should configure in the client infrastructure mode to yes, the power save mode deppends on your application, normally it´s used CAM.

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Re: Stand-alone wireless, ad-hoc, file sharing

The slickest answer is to set up your laptop to run IIS and a DHCP server. Share everything via HTML.

You can set your AP to ignore it's Ethernet port and act as a hub for all of the wireless devices. This will give you better performance than leaving the AP out and using ad-hoc mode. But if you are using them while hiking, you'd probably rather leave out hte AP than carry a battery pack for it.

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Re: Stand-alone wireless, ad-hoc, file sharing

first think first. can your ipaqs do filesharing? if not, goto http://bizzdev/en/donwloads and get bizzdev net use program for pocket pc.

next, just setup your laptop to serve dhcp. config the laptop for a windows workgroup. then add users to your laptop. next setup the 350 AP to bridge to your laptop via a crossover cable. then each ipaq can boot up dhcp and get to your laptop via wireless. they can then be configured to use net use to get to the share from your pc. don't transfer the files unless your ipaqs have a lot of memory. by filesharing you do not have to have the files local to the ipaq.

someone suggested a webserver. that would be wise if you could format all of your data for the web. if not, then do the windows workgroup solution.

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