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Strange error with MAC authentication on AP 1130AG

HI there, I'm testing the mac authentication feature on my 1130 Ag AP. I set local auth in security/advanced menu, added my mac, then set open + Mac auth in my ssid.
ON the show run, i see the user created with my mac address

username 001302666909 password 7 055B565E721C1C5F4F534E4252
username 001302666909 autocommand exit

Which was created via GUI.
I also checked that mac auth is set to local:

aaa authentication login mac_methods local
dot11 ssid wlan1
   authentication open mac-address mac_methods
   authentication key-management wpa version 2

and then I got an error when trying to associate (it works if I set open only)

I checked the following link:

but in the failing debug, AAA says failed, but in my case AAA say "ok", but my client can't associate.

*Mar  1 00:37:52.805: dot11_auth_mac_start: method_list: mac_methods
*Mar  1 00:37:52.805: dot11_auth_mac_start: method_index: 0x2C000002, req: 0xC13620
*Mar  1 00:37:52.805: dot11_auth_mac_start: client->unique_id: 0x11

*Mar  1 00:37:52.806: dot11_mac_process_reply: AAA reply for 0013.0266.6909 PASSED
*Mar  1 00:37:53.106: %DOT11-7-AUTH_FAILED: Station 0013.0266.6909 Authentication failed

Any clues ?


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