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Subnet sizes with enterprise wireless?


We're a school district with approximately 25 sites in a metro ethernet configuration, and we're starting to roll out our wireless infrastructure (WCS 5.1/WLC4400s/1252s) on a pilot basis.

Our goal is to provide 3 SSIDs, organization-wide.

I'm told that many large orgs use a /21 and even a /20 for enterprise wireless VLANs.

Are there guidelines or best practices for subnet sizing of wireless VLANs?

We'd like to have the same SSIDs, organization-wide and keep configurations as simple as possible. It sounds like using larger VLANs might be the way to go.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Subnet sizes with enterprise wireless?

I would keep subnets to no bigger than 256 users, I would recommend using AP groups to allocate wireless vlan's depending on which AP you associate with. For each of your 25 site I would have its own AP group and VLAN for each SSID.



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Re: Subnet sizes with enterprise wireless?

It depends on the engineer. Like Krishan, I like to keep the subnet a /24. Use AP Groups when needed. If you need more than one subnet per building, then break it up by floor. Here is a link:

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Re: Subnet sizes with enterprise wireless?

I agree with fella5, AP groups would allow you to maintain the same three SSID's across all locations but with different VLAN's in each campus, building, or even floor of a building.

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