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Supported Rates Failed - Log Message

*apfMsConnTask_0: Nov 25 13:00:52.784: %APF-3-CHECK_SUPP_RATES_FAILED: apf_utils.c:203 Could not check supported rates. Invalid Supported Rates from station . Length :0. Mobile MAC: 1c:69:a5:ef:ad:dc.

I am getting the message above since I disabled some of the low data rates and I was wondering if this gets generated only if the client is not close enough to any of the access points on the network, or it is generated even when the client roams from one AP to another when it is not able to communicate with the first AP at the minimum required data rate.

This is for a remote site and I don't know the RF over there very well...

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Re: Supported Rates Failed - Log Message

Does this client able to connect to your wireless network. If it is , what data rate he is get connected?

Error msg states client is sending datarate which is not supported by your AP. As you said, it may be due to client is far away from the AP & cannot do higher data rates based on the RSSI he got.

Refer page 3-31 of this document

Error Message %APF-3-CHECK_SUPP_RATES_FAILED: Could not check supported rates.

[chars]. Length :[dec]. Mobile MAC: [hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex].

Explanation Could not check supported rates. Verify data rate on client.

Recommended Action No action is required.



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Supported Rates Failed - Log Message

Depending on your RF coverage please disable the higher rates ( put it
disabled instead of supported ) and then try.
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