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Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missing on for wireless ?

Hi everyone,

As Cisco TAC engineer, I thought this medium is a good way to gather good opinions. So please leave a message saying what document you think is missing from about Wireless products. Config examples, white papers, troubleshooting documents, whatever you think Cisco could realistically write :-)



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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin

An up to date wireless design guide would be great.

The existing guide doesn't even mention 802.11n.


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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin

Hi Nicolas,

Hope you are well.

Regarding your survey - recently I came across a demand from several clients of mine to integrate MS-IAS (Microsoft Internet Authentication Service) as Radius server to authenticate administrators and their role on the Wireless Control Server.

What I could find is vast and comprehensive documentation on ACS but rather very little if any on MS-IAS.

From what I understand ACS need to hold a local DB for users to be able to asign their role even when using it as Radius proxy to MS-IAS.

So, as mater of efficiency and single management issue, my clients want to use MS-IAS on their MS based network as single Radius and use the VSA (vendor specific attribute) on different policies and users groups on the MS Active Directory.

After playing with this quite a bit I managed to set it to work and looking back it is rather simple.

Let me know if I could post the solution here or it should come from the guys of Cisco.

merry Xmas


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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin

Yes ! This is the kind of things that Cisco doesn't spend much time doing. We could also write documents on how to integrate our products with Juniper radius server etc ... but that's not like a priority :-)

Post your config example as a document on the support forum and I'm sure lots of people will read it. It will also be given again every time someone asks the question :-)


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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin


I added this guide (which i was given by Stephen)

later will updated some minor details



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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin

Good on ya, mate!  It's `bout time someone from Cisco ask this question.  I have but one:  Please UPDATE the document(s).  For example, if I need information about wireless antennas, I have to open four different browsers.  They are the following:

Cisco Aironet 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Antennas and Accessories

Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories Install and Upgrade Guides

Antenna Product Portfolio for Cisco Aironet 802.11n Access Points

Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories Reference Guide

Someone might ask why I would do so.  It's because there are some Cisco products found in one of the following pages that are not found in another.

I have asked, plleaded, emailed different Cisco staff but to no avail.

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Re: Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missin

Seeing this survey a little late . But here are some things that would be useful to have in the docs :

1. Weight and dimensions of AP's and antennas  : When a new product is released ( eg : ANT2451NV ) , some massive deployments need approval to hang AP or antennas on different structures and first thing they ask is 'what is the weight and dimension of this thing? ' and that value need to be in there to get approval for using that device. For a new product yet to be released, if in presales phase we need to recommend and get the customer to buy it, if we dont give this answer, we will miss out on the opportunity to sell this even though its the latest and will have to go with an older model. get my point ?

2. Consistent dimensions in different datasheets : Look at the datasheet for ANT2450V which mentions its width as 14.5 cms ! . If in a mass deployment, we just passed on the datasheet and the vendor made lets say holes on the wall/ceiling of width 14.5cms to put the antenna outside , you can imagine the implications !

  another eg : One datasheet of 1520 outdoor AP says its weight is while another says 7.9kg and if you dont design the structures to hang this exact weight, you can have AP's that fall off from outdoor heights !

There is a whole list, but i think this will really help to get presales running without problems !



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