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Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point


I have been troubleshooting a 350 series AP for several days now. I believe the problem is that the internal transmitter is no longer functioning. I am testing with a known good wireless client and a known good antenna (Omni Ceiling Ant.). Is there a definte way I can confirm that the transmitter is no longer working?

1. I have pinged the AP from a wired computer. - Success

2. I have pinged the AP from a wireless computer. - Failed

3. I have access through HTTP and Console. - Success

3a. I have changed the output power of the transmitter, changed the radio

frequency being used by the AP, changed the Transmit and Recieve

values, and re-enabled "Allow Broadcast SSID" and the wireless client I

am using will not associate to the AP.

3b. I have updated the firmware on the AP just to make sure that this wasn't

a firmware error and I have reset the configuration on the AP several


Thank you,

Thomas Bennett

Cisco Employee

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point

Hi Thomas,

If you are not associated then you will not be able to ping on the radio side.

There is a number of configuration reasons that would stop you from associating.

To test this out the best way is to take it back to basics and then build up your config.

You said you had already updated the AP firmware so

Do a full factory default of the config.

Configure only an SSID on the AP

Update the client cards ACU NDIS and firmware ( you MUST do all 3) the latest version of ACU V6 will update all 3 for you as part of the install process.

Then configure a new fault and make sure it has the default config then configure only the SSID the same as the AP SSID is case sensitive.

You should then be associated, you can assign static IP address or have a DHCP server on the ethernet side and check IP connection

Then you can start to add the rest of your config like WEP or other security that you use.

99% of the time if you have a faulty radio you will see this on the AP via the LED status

Hope this helps


New Member

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point

Good morning David,

Thank you for your response. I followed your instructions step by step and I made sure to update the wireless client, which I forgot to do. The network administrator requested that I change the IP on the AP so hopefully changing that will not effect the troubleshooting of this AP.

While updating the ACU I decided to go ahead and force the wireless client to associate to the 350 Series AP I am having problems with. It searched for the AP could not locate it and associated over to a 340 Series AP we have near by.

Now I was hoping that the LEDs on the AP would have told me something but everything looks normal, except for the fact that the Wireless Status LED only lights up during the bootup sequence.

I have checked the SSID and they do match and I also checked the Network Port Status both ports are UP and operating.

I hope that we still have some troubleshooting we could attempt on this AP and thank you very much for all of your help.

Thomas Bennett

New Member

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point


I took a look at the AP Radio Port Statistics and the Receive and Transmit sections of the page are all set for 0. Any ideas on what I should do next or should this AP be considered defective?

Thank you,

Thomas Bennett

Cisco Employee

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point

Its not looking good but have you checked the radio is forwarding ?

Make sure you try a new firmware relase the AP is in AP root mode

If this still fails you will need to contact the TAC for further troubleshooting and rma

New Member

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point

Forwarding Packets is enabled.

Forwarding State is set for blocking.

While I was looking at the other options in the AP Radio Advanced page I decided to go ahead and change the setting "Require use of Radio Firmware 5.03A" to no.


New Member

Re: Transmitter Troubleshooting - 350 Series Access Point

So if the forwarding state is set for blocking would this restrict wireless clients from gaining access to the Access Point?

How could I go about changing the forwarding state from "Blocking" to "Forwarding"

Thank you and have a nice day,


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