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Trouble connecting to cable internet thru AP1100

I have a 350 Client Adapter that connects fine to the AP at work. At home, I have a cable modem connected to my AP 1120. My problem is getting wireless access to the cable internet.

My computer internet settings work OK when I connect the cable modem directly to the ethernet port (settings are auto detect IP and at home I uncheck Use Proxy work I check Use Proxy Server).

I have tried both the settings static IP and DHCP enabled settings on the AP. In Static IP mode, my 350 Client is associated and I can configure AP. The profile I use is default SSID "tsunami" and default Access Point name "AP". Also when I ping the AP from IPSU, it tells me the IP address is which is the default for that mode. The wireless client and AP association is excellent but I cannot access the other words when I open Internet Explorer my homepage cannot be found.

When I set the Enable DHCP on, I lose association to the AP. The IPSU also cannot detect says Device Does Not Answer. I have tried the Mac address for the AP's ethernet port and radio "port" with not luck. Since the cable modem is not a DHCP server, I don't think this is the way to go anyway, but I tried.

I think that I want to use the static IP, so the AP will act as a router and provide internet access to multiple PC at home. Once I have the client and AP associated, I tried restarting the cable modem so it would send a new IP address to AP. This doesn't work either.

I have noticed that directly wiring the cable to the PC ethernet port doesn't (always) work unless I restart the cable modem, I suspect this is because the cable needs to send a IP address again. But that doesn't solve the problem when i connect the cable modem to the AP.

Am I missing something? Does the AP serve as a router or must I buy more hardware. Your help is appreciated.




Re: Trouble connecting to cable internet thru AP1100

You will have to put a router between the cable modem and the AP for this to work. The AP is not a router so it gets an IP address from the cable modem and since the AP is not a DHCP server your client never gets an IP address. Once you get a router in place you can configure it to get the IP address from the cable modem and then you can use any private addressing scheme for your wireless LAN. Make sure that when you get everything hooked up that you first power on the cable modem, then the router, then the AP and finally the PC. This will ensure that the cable modem does not have your PC MAC address cached in its table.

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Re: Trouble connecting to cable internet thru AP1100

Thanks. This worked and everything is good now.

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