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Trouble getting 1130AG LWAPP to Connect to Controller

I'm having trouble getting any of my 1130AG LWAPPs to connect to my WLC.

I have not configured my DHCP server to deliver option 43 or option 60.

However, I have manually configured the LWAPP using the CLI. I have assigned a static IP address, the default-gateway, gave it a hostname, and gave it the controller ip address.

When I issue the command:

show lwapp ip config

all of the information appears correctly.

However, the controller never registers the LWAPP.

This is a completely new setup, so there are no previous configs to contend with.

If I issue the command on the LWAPP:

debug lwapp client event

Two debug messages appear consistently every 3-5 seconds. They are:

*Mar 1 00:34:26.733: LWAPP_CLIENT_EVENT: spamResolveStaticGateway - gateway found

*Mar 1 00:34:36.733: LWAPP_CLIENT_EVENT: spamHandleDiscoveryTimer: Could not discover any MWAR

Any suggestions?

~ Vance R. Gregory

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Re: Trouble getting 1130AG LWAPP to Connect to Controller

Is the AP connecting via layer2 lwapp or layer 3?

Also why don't you want to use OP 43? It really is the best way.

Issue the command debug lwapp packet enable on the WLC and see if any requests get to the controller.

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Re: Trouble getting 1130AG LWAPP to Connect to Controller

Hello FrenZ

i'm also facing the same problem. infact in my case My Controller is working and there are some APs connected to it. but whenever i'm connecting the new APs i'm not able to do that. i'm alsways getting the error what vgregory1 specified above.

Pelase help me



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Re: Trouble getting 1130AG LWAPP to Connect to Controller

The easiest way I think is to stage the ap on the same subnet as the WLC's management and ap-managers interface. Setup a DHCP scope just ofr the ap's... this can be temporary.....

Once the ap gets an IP on the subnet the wlc's are on, that ap should find the controller and be able to join that controller. After the ap joins and downloads the code, you can then configure the hostname and ip address or just connect it to the vlan you want the ap to reside. The ap knows of the controller and should be able to join the wlc again.

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Re: Trouble getting 1130AG LWAPP to Connect to Controller

You have to put option 43 in hexadecimal no. below you will find an example of DHCP configurations on router that act as a DHCP for LWAPP in different network:

ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool WAP_DHCP_SCOPE


option 43 hex f104c0a814f0

The hex string is assembled by concatenating the TLV values shown below:

Type + Length + Value

Type is always f1(hex). Length is the number of controller management IP addresses times 4 in hex. Value is the IP address of the controller listed sequentially in hex.

WLC IP is f1+1*4+ac10.14f0 = f104c0a814f0


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