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Troubleshooting wireless point to point

We have a wireless point to point link using two 1310 bridges between our campus and a remote building about 5 blocks away.  Recently the link has started to go down often during the day.  The following is what I am seeing in the logs:

Feb 10 04:35:04.171: %DOT11-6-DISASSOC: Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating
Station 0014.6a5b.34d0 Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid
Feb 10 04:35:13.989: %DOT11-6-ASSOC: Interface Dot11Radio0, Station HoneyCreek 0
014.6a5b.34d0 Associated KEY_MGMT[NONE]
Feb 10 04:35:42.659: %DOT11-4-MAXRETRIES: Packet to client 0014.6a5b.34d0 reache
d max retries, removing the client

From some of the research I have done this is could be due to excessive noise.

Here are some of the stats from the root bridge.

Signal Strength   : -75  dBm           Connected for    : 8164 seconds
Signal to Noise   : 21  dBm            Activity Timeout : 30 seconds
Power-save        : Off                Last Activity    : 0 seconds ago
Apsd DE AC(s)     : BK VI

Packets Input     : 172019             Packets Output   : 229451
Bytes Input       : 28411002           Bytes Output     : 237070515
Duplicates Rcvd   : 71                 Data Retries     : 129610
Decrypt Failed    : 0                  RTS Retries      : 18036
MIC Failed        : 0                  MIC Missing      : 0
Packets Redirected: 0                  Redirect Filtered: 0

Is there anything I can tweak on the bridges to stabilize the connection?  Also, could someone explain what are good and what are bad readings for both signal strength and signal to noise?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Troubleshooting wireless point to point

SNR - 25 dBm higher is better.

Signal Strength - -65 dBm and lower is better.

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