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Trying to bridge ethernet over a mesh network

I have setup a mesh network using a Cisco WAC 2504 and a few 1602i access points.  I am trying to get ethernet bridging to work but when I connect to the ethernet port on the MAP I am unable to connect out (I am unable to get a DHCP address.)  Wireless client access on the MAPs works fine.

I have ethernet bridging enabled on the MAPs and RAP.  I am not using VLANS.  The GigabitEthernet0 interfaces on the two MAPs are set to "Normal."  I am running v7.4.100.60 on the WAC.  Bridge Group Names are all unset. I tried setting a group name but that caused the one MAP to stop talking to the RAP completely and I needed to reset to factory defaults and configure it again.

Can someone help me with what setting I am missing to make it work?

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Please refer to the link-http

Please refer to the link-

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Sorry, I did not see anything

Sorry, I did not see anything new in the link you provided.  I had already provisioned one of my access points as a root access point (RAP) and another as a mesh access point (MAP.)  I was able to get the wireless mesh part working but use the ethernet on the MAP to communicate to the wired network behind the RAP.


Hello Darren,Ethernet

Hello Darren,

Ethernet Bridging

For security reasons, the Ethernet port on the MAPs is disabled by default. It can be enabled only by configuring Ethernet Bridging on the RAP and the respective MAPs.

As a result, Ethernet Bridging has to be enabled for two scenarios:

  • When you want to use the indoor mesh nodes as bridges.

  • When you want to connect any Ethernet device (such as PC/Laptop, video camera etc.) on the MAP using its Ethernet port.

Please refer for more details:


Hope that helps.

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As per my original post, I

As per my original post, I have ethernet bridging enabled on both the RAP and on the MAPs and still it does not work.  I have seen some references to a possible bug in the firmware so I am going to see if upgrading that does the trick.

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