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Two Native VLANs in One WiSM


I have 2x6509 each with a WISM module running 5.2.178, now i wanted to design high availability,

Assuming WiSM in Coreswitch-1 has A1 and B1 sub controllers and Coreswitch-2 has A2 and B2 as sub controllers, I want to use A1 and B1 as one one Mobility group and A2 and B2 as another mobility group where acting as 2 different networks, with LWAP's getting different IP's, in such cases i should be running 2 different native vlans per WiSM Module.

Is this design technically right? what are the pros and cons to it?

I plan to run a seperate guest/video/voice WIFI network it it works.

Thank you in advance


Re: Two Native VLANs in One WiSM

That should be fine but really the native VLAN will have nothing to do with your design. Keep in mind all a native VLAN is on a 802.1q trunk is the VLAN which the packets in this VLAN do not get a 802.1q tag added to them.

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Re: Two Native VLANs in One WiSM


we make it like that:

create two AP-Manger Interfaces L3/L2 on 6500er....WLC1+WLC3 have configured Ap Manager Ip Adress from VLAN AP Manager1 and WLC2+WLC4 have configured AP Manager Ip Adress from VLAN AP Manger 2

Some APs are assigned to Vlan 1 and the others to vlan you can configure two WLCS for High availability for each AP Group....

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