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Upgrade Path for WiSM

Hi Cisco Wireless,

Is there going to be a module to replace the WiSM for more processing speed? WiSM+ or WiSM-E (Enhanced). Looking at the 5508 and it's future capabilities to support up to 500APs. Want to know if Cisco is planning on adding the capabilities of the 5508s to the WiSM to support the ever increasing demands of 802.11n.



Re: Upgrade Path for WiSM

Best is to contact Cisco sales / marketing team and ask the product manager.

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Re: Upgrade Path for WiSM

Thanks will do. Also hope to find out if there will be a more compact AP for Office Extend opposed to the 1142/1131. One that fits well in a purse or laptop case.

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Re: Upgrade Path for WiSM

The 5508 can support 250 APs per unit. You can purchase a bundle of two and this will give you up to 500 APs.

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Re: Upgrade Path for WiSM

Thanks much for the information. Yes, I am aware of the 5508 AP count. Want to see if the Cisco Reps would post here the path forward, but I now understand the reference to the sales unit, other vendors like HP and Aruba, Meru, Aerohive are reading this forum too :-).

I am hoping they will create another scalable product to replace the WiSM in the 6500s and 7600 routers for usage to compare to the 5508s. Basically the WiSM is two 4404s in the service module that is 150 X 2 =300 APs . If the 5508 can handle 250 right now and possibly more in the future. Then there must be a path for the WiSM to get enhanced? No ? 250 X 2=500 APs.

As stated the 5508 is as I understand an excellent "processor". With features like OfficeExtend the need for speed is growing.

Having that avaliable processing power for the expected migration to ratified N is going to be a requirement-very soon!

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