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Upgrade to 7.0 now AP's won't join

I recently upgraded 1 4402 controller to 7.0.98 without any issues. I proceeded to do the same process to another 4402 and once the controller rebooted, none of the ap's that are set to join the controller will join any more. They insist on joining the secondary controller. This is a mix of 1242's and 1231 ap's. I am not seeing any blatantly obvious errors on the controller. I do not have console access to the AP's as they are in another country. I plan on hooking up an ap at my desk and trying to force it to the controller in hopes of seeing some issue that can lead me to a resolution. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem with the new code.

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Re: Upgrade to 7.0 now AP's won't join


A couple of obvious things to check - have you got high availability configured on the access points and are they pointing to the correct primary controller?

It sounds like the access points can't see the primary controller. It's possibly a DNS issue although you don't say what version of code you upgraded from.

Version 7 is using CAPWAP of course so you might need to add a new entry to the DNS server. You've probably got one for CISCO-LWAPP etc. You should add one for CAPWAP as well.



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Re: Upgrade to 7.0 now AP's won't join

Thank you Roger for the recommendations. I was upgrading from 6.0.196 to 7.0.98. These access points should've already built their primary, secondary, and tertiary controller list as they had joined this controller in the past. They actually kept joining the secondary controller in the list.

In order to get around this problem, I had to change the primary controller to a different controller that had already been upgraded, then once the new image was downloaded to the ap, I changed the primary entry in each ap back to the correct primary controller. I'm not exactly sure why this was necessary and I have upgraded 4 other controllers without having to do this.

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