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upgrading AP 1200

Got two new AP 1200s. came with the VxWorks OS in it.

Wanted to upgrade the image to IOS 12.2 JA.

Downloaded the VXWORKS-to-IOS conversion image, and started upgrading the AP, via the web browser. In between the upgrade, due to a power outage, both APs, rebooted.

I expected the APs to be in boot rom mode of Vxworks, and using Xmodem, I expected to transfer the image into the AP.

Problem with First AP:

Instead, I am seeing a bootrom mode of the IOS image. How can I download the IOS from this mode. I can see that there is a way to initialize tftp file system (TFTP_INIT), as well as options to set environment variables, such as IP_ADDR, NETMASK, DEFAULT_ROUTER etc. This looks just like "tftpdnld" tool in 2600 routers.

Is there a way to copy the image just like tftpdnld?

Hopefully some one can help me.

Problem with Second AP:

The second AP, boots and loads the IOS image (# symbols show up) and after some time, the booting stops and the AP is stuck in this mode for ever. Is there a way by which I can break into rom mode, (like Ctrl+Break) and then upgrade the image ?

Or the box is broken, and will have to be RMAed ?

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Re: upgrading AP 1200

First AP:

There is a way to down load the image, but bot through a tftp interface, you will have to reformat the flash and do a Xmodem transfer. The following link should take you to the step by step directions, you will have to use a hidden mendu to preform the functions.

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