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validating identity -

Hi, We have set up WLC in our enterprise. While trying to connect, i am getting validating identity error. we are using cisco 3502I series LWAP. when we

fix the new LWAP, initially it was NOT joined automatically later, it joined, when we had issued a command capwap ap controller ip through console. After this the LWAP joined successfully and it is broadcasting the SSID..I am able to see the same in my laptop. please let me know:

But wifi connectivity is showing as validating identity...we are able to ping the RADIUS authentication servers from WLC.

The same laptop when i use from other office , it is working fine. I suspect there could be some configuration issue in WLC itself...Can you please give your inputs to resolve this issue ASAP...Thanks in advance : - Pavan

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validating identity -

What is the security you are using in the wlan ?

If it is dot1x based, chack the logs in the ACS to understand the reason for failure. If you dont have access to ACS, enable "debug client " command in the WLC and see in which phase the authentication is failing. Are you using same ACS + AD for authenticating client in all locations ?

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